INTRODUCING “Personal Decree” by Hannah Ford! Hannah’s 4th full album and Jewel Coast Music’s 1st release! We are thrilled with how it all came out! Download the music or buy the whole cd art package designed by Hannah. It’s a timeless keeper!



New Music Video!- “Child of Royalty” by Hannah Ford

New Music Video! – “Give Me Wings” by Hannah Ford


Last summer, Jewel Coast Music released the single- “Don’t Give Up” by Hannah Ford. Hannah felt God wanted her to release the song early before the rest of the album, and now we know it was released early for this girl. Her testimony is a constant reminder to chose hope over death, life over destruction:

“My tattoo! This really means a lot to me. Up until last year I was struggling with depression and really wanted to die. Then I went to Greenlake and Hannah Ford D’Alessandro played her song “Don’t Give Up.” And It encouraged me to get help. That week, I got a lot of prayer and by the end of the week I felt completely free. I wanted this tattoo to be a constant reminder of what God has done in my life. So, whenever I feel discouraged I can just look down at my wrist and be reminded not to give up.”

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Don't Give Up

The Making Of...

"Don't Give Up"

By Hannah Ford